Omori Estate

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We have aproxiamately 2500 olive cultivars planted at two locations at Omori, our House Block and the Stream Block, appropiately bordering the Omori Stream. These olives Cultivars (species) originated in France, Italy, Israel, Greece and Spain and allow us to produce single variety or blended Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) . Look at Wikkipedia, Extra Virgin Olive Oils for a in depth description of what EVOO means. Our Olive oils are available at selected stores in Taupo, at the Vineyard at Omori or through our order form below.

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  • Special Olive Oil

    We have two Groves is planted with 2500 olive cultivars from around the world: Barnea from Israel; Frantoio and Leccino from Italy; Manzanillo from Spain; and many others.

    The olives are normally picked in mid June and cold pressed immediately.

    The resulting extra virgin olive oil has a strong aroma of freshly mown grass and a subtle taste of apple skins with a light peppery finish.

    The oil is available in 100ml, 250ml and 500 ml bottles. Also available in bulk at Omori Estate.